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Creating innovative, functional optical displays and products is the essence of our business.


Our products are developed in Europe and North America and installed worldwide by architects, companies and private users to build inspirational optical spaces.


We offer a wide range of specialized products and services including eyewear frame boards, optical dispensing and exam room furniture and complete or partial design services for your space. Our systems also allow flexibility for growth as our clients expand their businesses. Our reputation for excellence has clients calling us when they're setting up their new stores and practices, and when they are ready to expand or update their space. As a result, CNS Frame Displays has grown to include more than 22,000 clients in North America. As an Essilor family member, we adhere to the highest standards in the optical industry. With the financial and service expertise Essilor provides, we are confident that our products and design offerings are unmatched by anyone else.


Our team consists of interior designers, architects, engineers, graphic designers, web developers, and strategists all with unique backgrounds. Our diverse skillset gives us the ability and experience to push our creativity and ensure each channel of communication provides a rich and consistent experience. Exceptional design is what we do.

Frame Displays Canada

Category: Optical Interior Design

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We transform businesses by exploring and developing the consumer experience from the ground up. We believe that a business should have a strategy and concept that resonates throughout the entire brand, and that includes the physical and digital endpoints.

Founded in 2006, Mesa Design has continualy grown into a team of experts who help our clients achieve their creative and business objectives.

We work with clients all over North America, including the dental and optometry industry, film and production, residential, large brick and mortar as well as real estate.

Our team consists of interior designers, architects, engineers, graphic designers, web developers, and strategists all with unique backgrounds. Our diverse skillset gives us the ability and experience to push our creativity and ensure each channel of communication provides a rich and consistant experience.

Exceptional design is what we do.

Mesa Design

Category: Optical Equipment

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Axis Medical is a supplier of quality equipment & services to the Eye Care Professionals across Canada.


We continue to scour the world to source & import the best technologies to serve our Customers.  Some of the major brands we carry are:  Centervue, Canon, DGH Pachmate, Essilor, Huvitz, iPRO, iTronics, Keeler, Marco, Medmont, Neitz, Ocular, Optopol, Reichert, Shin Nippon, Stereo Optical, Tomey, Volk.​


With three (3) offices across Canada (Montreal, Belleville, Vancouver) our Customers can be assured of quality support and expertise. We are able to support you in planning a new clinic, strategizing over the integration of new technologies, patient flow, and other practice building discussions to grow your business.  We can also help with moving & repair services.

Axis Medical

Category: Optical Instruments

Address: Essilor Canada Ltd. 353 Deslauriers Street Saint-Laurent, H4N 1W2 - Quebec, Canada

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Essilor Technologies is a division of the Essilor Group, leader in the development, manufacturing and distribution of solutions and services for eye care professionals throughout the world.

With a core business focusing on edging-mounting and the optician’s workshop, Essilor Technologies has expanded over recent years into optometric instruments, a segment with a strong growth potential. It provides a wide range of refraction equipment, diagnostic and imaging equipment, as well as measuring solutions, visual screening and innovative connectivity solutions.

Essilor Technologies aims to provide innovative solutions and technologies for the diverse needs of ECPs to help them improve the efficiency and quality of their services, as well as strengthen trusted relations with their patients.

Thanks to constant innovation, Essilor Technologies is a leader in visual screening, finishing equipment, measurement of fitting and mounting parameters as well as in the distribution of tools, equipment and consumables. Recognised for its high-performance solutions, the Division has gained 5 Silmo d’Or innovation awards over the past ten years.

Essilor Technologies’ flagship brands are: Pro-E™ 600, Mr Blue®, Mr Orange®, Essibox®, M’Eye Fit® and Visiotest®.

Essilor Technologies

Category: Practice Management System & Electronic Health Records System

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WINK is the world's first TOTALLY FREE Practice Management System & Electronic Health Records System for Eye Care specialists.

WINK's PMS & EHR software manages all operations of an optical retail store. WINK offers the following services :

1. Point of Sale terminal: Your Cash Register and Credit Card Processor all in one

2. Inventory Manager: Barcodes for all frames in your store

3. Patient database: Complete Electronic Health Records & Purchasing History

4. Reporting Engine: Generate inventory and sales reports to help you manage your business 4. Appointment Calendar: With call-backs and reminders by phone/email and SMS

5. Lab Ordering System: Ophthalmic orders are sent by WINK to the lab of your choice

6. Shipping: Integrated with major shipping companies

7. Insurance: Integrated with major insurance providers

8. Lab Equipment: Connect WINK to your practice's tracers and edgers to avoid mistakes

9. Other Software: Integrated with Quickbooks (Accounting) and Google Calendar


Category: In-Practice Marketing Automation

Address: ePoster Canada,  67 Mowat Ave. Suite 030, Toronto, ON M6K 3E3, Canada

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Impress your clients using videos or animations—elegantly designed. The ePoster is your all-in-one digital signage solution. The ePoster is the digital poster for business. It’s the plug & play solution for everyone who wants their future to begin with resources saved. The ePoster combines a luminous LCD display with an integrated media-player in a sleek design—in your own design, the way you want it. Create and plan content for a single screen or for thousands-on-site or from a central location, using every device.

• COGNITIVE PRACTICE: Understand, Reason, Learn, Interact
• MOBILE STRATEGY: Client Interaction, Attractive to Millennials
• INFLUENCE PURCHASING: Offer Best In-Class Products & Services
• MARKETING & AD TECHNOLOGIES: Draw Efficiencies, Better Customer Experience
• BRAIN MARKETING: Connecting People, Process, Technology, Strategy
• EXISTING DATA: Utilize & Implement Your Best Practices
• VIDEO & IMAGE CONTENT: Wi-Fi Remotely Controlled & Activated